Tayo Lewin-Turner

Why black students don’t study history at university

Tayo Lewin-Turner, a 3rd year history student at the University of Bristol, is the only black male in his whole year. Tayo has campaigned tirelessly to create and incentivise change in the education system with regards to the way history is taught and promoted. He’s worked with museums in Bristol and Brighton to create a greater awareness of black history, but to his disappointment, black students still aren’t engaging with history in large enough numbers.

Well aware of the Eurocentric forms of teaching history that deter black students from engaging with it in schools and university, Tayo has recently worked with BBC Bristol to try and raise awareness to the problem. In the latest Ghostwriter Podcast, Tayo and Elias discuss the subject of history, mixed-race identity and much more. Listen to the podcast below.

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