Jordan Harry - Mandem

Meet Jordan Harry, the man who wants you to read faster

Jordan Harry is the CEO of StudyFast, an organisation that provides speed reading and memory training to thousands of people across the world. Jordan, himself, is a speed reading and memory coach, and has a great TEDx talk on YouTube. Jordan also featured in a Metro article about race, identity and mixed heritage earlier this year.

In the latest Ghostwriter Podcast, Jordan and Elias discuss Jordan’s motivations for setting up StudyFast, the law of attraction, and how Jordan’s positive outlook on his racial identity. Listen to the podcast below.

The Ghostwriter Podcast is a new podcast series from MANDEM and 1020 Radio. The podcast is hosted by Elias Williams, founder of MANDEM, and invites a variety of inspiring guests to discuss everything going on in the world today. MANDEM encourages young people to engage with meaningful discussions about society, culture and identity – and the Ghostwriter Podcast explores these big topics in a fun, light-hearted fashion.

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