Kojey Radical

Who is Kojey Radical?

Kojey Radical is one of the first ever British emcees to shout out Mansa Musa or Kwame Nkrumah on a track. Both names are of crucial importance to people of African descent. Mansa Musa was one of the richest men to have ever lived and ran an empire far more sophisticated than anything in Medieval Europe at the time. Kwame Nkrumah led Ghana to independence from Britain in 1957.


Kojey Radical is one of the most important up and coming artists of our generation for the sole reason that the substance in his lyrics hasn’t hindered his popularity. While some audiences switch off when they hear ‘conscious rap’, the energy and creativity behind Kojey’s performances make it hard for the listener to close their ears. Moreover, it’s impossible to label the diverse nature of Kojey’s talent into any category whatsoever. His visuals are hypnotising and his music is soulful. Keep an eye on this young man’s future.



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