Santan Dave

Question Time: A powerful message from Dave

Santan Dave continues to prove why he’s the most important rapper in the UK. From his SBTV debut back in 2015 he’s come far. In the short time that he’s been in the public eye he’s released an EP, received large recognition from America and racked up millions of YouTube views. His work rate is constant and his word-play is up there with the best. At only 19, Dave promises to be one of the best rappers that the UK has ever produced. Perhaps the most interesting thing about him is his maturity and political awareness. It was clear from his first freestyle for SBTV that Dave had a deep passion for social issues and it’s a joy to see his latest video reflecting that same passion.


‘Question Time’ is one of the most powerful tracks to come from a rapper in the mainstream for a while. He directly addresses Theresa May, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn in the same track, while also calling out our foreign policy, the handling of the NHS and those responsible for the Grenfell disaster. Whereas most conscious rappers tend to linger in the margins of the music industry, Dave’s message is particularly important because of his presence amongst the stars in the mainstream. With his thoughtful lyrics, Dave has made a lane in which he could play a significant role in encouraging political engagement from the next generation.


We look forward to hearing Theresa May’s diss track for Dave.



Header image by Lily Bertrand-Webb
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