Ghostwriter podcast - kiki nafig

Ghostwriter Podcast #2 – Kiki Nafig

Kiki Nafig is a filmmaker, musician, makeup artist and content creator based in Bristol. Her Channel 4 Random Acts film ‘Nose’ is an intimate portrait of family relationships and rifts, reflecting upon the events and experiences that shape childhood. Her avant-garde makeup draws inspiration from pop culture imagery, and classic paintings like Gustav Klimt’s ’The Kiss’ and more. Earlier this year she was selected as one of VOGUE Magazine’s ‘vogueworld: 100 People Pushing Boundaries’.

In the latest Ghostwriter Podcast, Kiki and Elias discuss hip-hop, the rise of female emcees, fatherhood, masculinity and social media. Listen to the latest Ghostwriter Podcast above. Kiki appeared in Elias’s ‘Samurai Blood’ film; available to watch here – you can also watch Kiki’s ‘Nose’ film below.

The Ghostwriter Podcast is a brand new podcast series from MANDEM and 1020 Radio. The podcast is hosted by Elias Williams, founder of MANDEM, and will invite a variety of inspiring guests to discuss everything going on in the world today. MANDEM encourages young people to engage with meaningful discussions about society, culture and identity – and the Ghostwriter Podcast will explore these big topics in a fun, light-hearted fashion.

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