Wandile Mbambeni

3 South African Musicians For Your Playlist

Wandile Mbambeni

If you enjoy the sound of a heartwarming acoustic guitar and songs about love, take a listen to some of Wandile Mbambeni’s soulful ballads. A couple of months ago Wandile dropped his latest EP, ‘Maturation’, which includes a modern blend of jazz and soul. His soulful voice is reminiscent of the UK’s Jacob Banks and his use of live instruments gives off a Tom Misch vibe at times. He sings one of his most enchanting tracks, ‘Our Lives Matter’, in his native tongue and uses nothing but his guitar to create a powerful song reflective of the times.



Keith Virgo

Keith Virgo is based in Cape Town and specialises in ambient melodies. His mellow hip-hop beats and ambient sound effects collide to make a peaceful escape from the rush of the city. His use of ambient sound effects give some of his music a Clams Casino vibe and his samples include a creative use of vocals from world famous artists such as Lianne La Havas, Willow Smith and Frank Ocean.



Aux Heat Wes

Aux Heat Wes is the most diverse in genre of the bunch. While some of his tracks fuse trap and futuristic synths, others have more of an 808s & Heartbreak feel to them. Even if you’re not a big fan of auto-tune, Aux’s stuff is still worth a listen if only to enjoy his little tribute to Game of Thrones in the track, ‘SNoW’. He also produces beats under the name TKOOJ.


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