olumedia identiy matters

Olumide Osinoiki explores Black British identity

Olumide Osinoiki is a multi-talented photography student at the University of the West of England. After making the radical decision to switch from his Philosophy course to pursue his creative interests, Olumide has made a mark on Bristol’s cultural landscape. He has talents in videography, editing and photography, and uses his personal media platform, Olumedia, to display a lot of his creative work.

He has collaborated with a lot of fellow creatives in Bristol, but his most exciting photography project is yet to be released. Using thought provoking post-it quotes and vibrant portraits, Olumide’s new project, ‘Identity Matters’, seeks to dispel myths surrounding Black British identity, while placing value on history and heritage as foundations for knowledge of self. Keep an eye out for the project’s release date and make sure to attend next month’s event, where Olumide will be speaking a little bit more about his project. Watch a sneak peak from behind the scenes of the ‘Identity Matters’ project below.

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