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Life of Whizzee

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We linked up with Bristol emcee, Whizzdxm, a couple of weeks ago for a quick freestyle session. Originally from London, Whizz has been in Bristol for over ten years now and has popped up as a talented figure in the local music scene on several occasions. He’s appeared on several popular Bristol music channels such as GOTT Media, KCVisualz and most notably, SimzCityTV, with the release of his ‘See Me’ music video in 2014.



Whizz has always kept his lyrics authentic and today he’s back with more captivating rhymes in two new passionate tracks. ‘Life of Whizzee’ includes some exclusive bars about Whizz’s creative journey and reflections on his personal life. Importantly, he talks about the value of staying humble through hard times; something quite rare to hear from a lot of emcees today.


“Success won’t come if I’m wallowed in doubt,


So I swallow my pride,


Cleaning job if I have to,


Stack two bills at a time,


With a little on the side,


Until that money’s high like a statue”


Whizz says he first became inspired by music after discovering grime, garage and pirate radio stations as a youngster and took immediate inspiration from artists like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. He’s also passionate about making “safe environments for musicians to grow” and wants to see more studio spaces for young people in the neighbourhood he grew up in, Easton. As no coincidence to our recent Mandem Don’t Cry events, Whizz also dropped one of his recently released tracks for us, ‘No Tears’, another piece about staying strong through emotional times. Have a listen below.



Keep an eye out for more music and creativity from Whizzdxm in the future.


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