Andre 3000 by Nick Ogri

Panel Discussion: Has Identity Politics Gone Too Far?

At our most recent event, we discussed a range of interesting topics surrounding contemporary identity politics. During the discussion, themes ranged from the demonisation of political correctness to the use of virtue-signalling by big name brands. Joining us for this one were four active figures in Bristol’s cultural landscape.

Olumide Osinoiki is a Bristol-based photographer who’s work has focused on the black British identity. Vanessa Wilson is the Student Living Officer at the University of Bristol’s Students’ Union, and has covered many issues around identity as a radio show host for Ujima. Daniel Edmund is the founder of Milk For Tea, a company that encourages men to seek true and healthy identities. Lastly, Marcus Fagon does a lot of creative youth work in the city of Bristol and has a Master’s degree in Social and Political Thought. All the guests provided some great insight. Watch the discussion below.

Header image by Nick Ogri

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