3 Bristol Emcees to Watch

Splitz P is a talented songwriter from St Pauls and has been a prolific musical talent in Bristol for years. Alongside rap, he also has a great singing voice. He sings choruses for many of Bristol’s most talented rappers and has recently adopted a style influenced by old-school reggae. In his latest spoken word piece, he drops some powerful words about the experience of young black males.



Bleeeks has also been making music for a couple of years and has a strong flow. His music is easy to listen to and sounds like it could be up there amongst the most popular emcees in the country. Along with hopping on trappy beats, Bleeeks can also spit a nice melody on traditional hip-hop tempos. His new EP, Lookin’ For Them Better Days, is out now.




18-year-old Kwazi, the youngest of the three, is another rising talent. He’s been spitting from a young age and also has the diversity of talent to rap over Grime or hip-hop beats. He is the younger brother of Ddash Red, who’s recently released Mansa Musa Riddim appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts scheme.



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